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The History of Western Art in 16 Hours
8 classes for an in-depth understanding of the timeline of Western art
67 USD
40 USD
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limited time offer
40 USD
67 USD
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​​Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism
The History of Religions
A fantastic course! A great deal of very useful information! Indeed, the course includes a lot of special terms, so it takes some cramming and revision, but its scope and the opportunity to look beyond the school curriculum are very inspiring.
How Brain Chemicals Work
There is so much to love about this course: funny lecturers, who were never boring, structured information, and additional literature. Thank you so much! I will definitely try other courses and tell my friends about you!
Camila T.
I’ve always wanted to learn art systematically. Your platform has definitely won my trust and respect with all the courses I’ve already tried!
Maria A.
This course was much anticipated. The information is accessible and well-structured. You feel like listening more and more.
How Brain Chemicals Work
Ekaterina Z.
A great course for those interested in the brain and its structure and those who want to understand why we act one way or the other in a given situation
Svetlana D.
How Brain Chemicals Work
Art and History that are reviewed with precision. Everything is connected and easy to comprehend! Thank you!
Julia S.
Engaging, accessible, and fun. Examples from daily life and the animal world are the best! The lecturer was also great. Many thanks!
How Brain Chemicals Work
Alexandra T.
There are plenty of courses out there. However, few are worth your while. Thank you so much for your project!
How Brain Chemicals Work
Elena B.
Fact-checking and structured learning is our priority. Learn step by step, never missing anything!
Knowledge You Can Trust
Whether you’re lazing about at home or walking in the park, our courses are always fun to watch
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