Leadership, management,
and communication
in 2024
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This is Olivia.
She recently got promoted to manager at an IT company.
She is inspired by her new status.
She will be able to work on more complex projects, manage a dream team, earn more money, and contribute significantly to the company's success.
Will she make a good leader?
Here's how Olivia imagined herself
in her new position:

She thinks strategically
Delegates small tasks and avoids getting bogged down in routines
The team is inspired by her
She motivates her employees without burning them out and meets KPIs
She resolves conflicts easily
Team members accept feedback calmly and work harmoniously
But here's how it turned out in reality
Month after month, it becomes clear that everything isn't as simple as it seems:
  • She cannot delegate
    Micromanaging: she seems capable of doing it better herself
  • The team is on the verge of burnout
    Overloaded backlogs, overworked teams, and difficult-to-turn-down requests from other departments
  • Has a feeling of insecurity
    Avoids offending or demotivating others, and thus remains inactive and unresponsive
  • Constantly anxious
    As deadlines approached, she had trouble sleeping
Olivia tries to solve the problem on her own…
… and it turns out that it's not as simple as it seems.
  • Lack of time
    10 leadership must-reads are unread, and 30 articles have been added to bookmarks for later reading
  • Concentration problems
    An asynchronous course is abandoned on the corporate platform
  • Questions go unanswered
    Executives are too busy to coach their staff
  • Learned information is quickly forgotten
    Olivia remembered very little from all the lectures she viewed on YouTube during breakfast
Nothing works. Olivia is ready to give up
Luckily, we found a way to help her.
"Leadership, management, and communication in 2024"
We have created a course based on your favorite films and TV shows to help you develop
the main soft skills of a leader
  • Practice presenting ideas
    using Harry Potter’s story and Apple cases
  • Build your dream team
    by studying the Scrubs TV show and Netflix corporate cultures.
  • Resolve conflicts
    using The Crown and Google experience
  • Get tips on giving feedback
    from the Bing Bang Theory and cases of Microsoft
It will take you 1 month to become the team leader your team deserves.
During this course, you’ll:
  • Keep KPIs on track without overworking
  • Create development tracks for each member of the team
  • Get 10 tips for filling the gap in personal and working relationships
  • Delegate routine tasks and free up 8 hours of working time
The course format
Lessons are designed to give you maximum benefit without making you bored
A 70-minute online workshop at the start of the course
Learning how to give feedback and getting to know other course participants
22 video lessons of 20 minutes each
Taking a new lesson at the end of the day won't exhaust you
Final project
The course concludes with a plan for reaching your KPIs and developing your team
A lot of visual materials
Diagrams, templates and frameworks for work in Miro after each lesson.
Chat with course participants and the alumni community
To share experiences and best practices
Certificate of completion of the course
Knowledge and frameworks are more important, but it’s also nice to add a certificate to your CV
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    With a decade of experience, Sarah Mitchell is a top consultant known for her expertise in leadership development, conflict resolution, and effective communication, having helped numerous Fortune 500 companies.
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    James Anderson, as the HR Director, is a corporate leader who understands the pivotal role of soft skills in modern organizations, setting industry standards for a positive work environment.
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